1920's vintage and antique jewelry inspired pieces, specially chosen for their character and beauty, are lovingly reworked into beautiful, intricate, one-off vintage headpieces, hair adornments, combs, jewelry and luxury lace veils, lace garters and wedding belts.
Each unique piece is individually handmade with the greatest care, using only the finest carefully sourced materials, including 1920s vintage crystals, pearls, hand-beaded lace and flowers.

The Designer

Vintage headpieces especially from the 1920s era is my business and my passion. I originally fell in love with vintage jewelry as a small child, when playing with my grandmother's jewelry was always a treat. I used to wonder about where it came from and the places it had been worn. It held a special mystery and allure, and a true sense of romance.

I love working with creative brides, designing pieces which are timeless, beautiful, unique and individual to them.

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